Hi! My name is Jac. I work as a composer, guitarist, and producer based in Amsterdam. I became acquainted with composing and arranging music as one of the founders of Jungle by Night, an instrumental collective that operates in various styles, genres, and settings. Over the past 12 years, we have managed to release 7 albums and have performed over 600 concerts in 34 countries. This cycle of recording and touring has provided me with a rich set of musical experiences.


My studio is filled with the tools I deeply cherish. Over the years I gathered various instruments: weird and stringed, wired or synthesized. I developed a weak-spot for the tones that feel alive, sometimes squeak or shake. I think the combination of these “imperfections” from analog instruments, with the possibilities of digital techniques, characterizes my sound design.

Chasing different sounds and rhythms is an unstoppable urge for me; I collect music from different directions and eras. It broadens my horizon and brings me to new places. Therefore my collection in it’s broad sense – of experiences, instruments and music – helps me to create a new language that can support a story. Take a look around on my website and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’m always eager for new musical adventures.